With Arms Outstretched

So I am going to be 100% honest; my absence these past couple of weeks on SLB is not due to my usual reason for falling off the blog wagon in the past — you know, the “I’m too busy, I’ve got so much going on, blah dee blah” excuse. I have sat down to write this post probably at least seven times in the past two weeks but seem to have fallen ill with an unfamiliar case of writer’s block.

I have no one to blame but a feline companion and myself for the lack of inspiration, but let me rewind. Shortly after writing my last post, I was asked to cat sit in a town house on the Upper East Side. Up until this afternoon, I had been living in shangri-la enjoying all of the amenities (the space! the kitchen! a bathroom to call my own!) that the home and the neighborhood had to offer.

While this whole set up felt something like serious good fortune, I was subconsciously affected by my new surroundings. Although I have been consistently filling my days to the brim with adventures, I lost the ability to write about these experiences the way I wanted to. I have no explanation for this except that not being in “my element” (even if that element is a tiny apartment in Chinatown) caused me to lose the words that usually come so easily when I’m writing a post on SLB.

It actually feels like a funny joke when I think about it: of course I am more excited and inspired to be in this postage stamp apartment located in the quirkiest of neighborhoods than living the life of luxury on the UES. It’s just something about being in your place, your space, where you have finally developed a familiarity with the setting and the people around you. Losing this, even if just temporarily, can make the brain do a complete 180.

But enough of the psychobabble. As mentioned, these last few weeks have been wild and wonderful filled with trips to hip craft fairs in Brooklyn, inception brownies and some brand new jam-worthy tunes. Idea: how about I stop writing and start showing? Good? Good.


























So you guys might be wondering about the title; it comes from a song by Rilo Kiley that reminds me of summers past and makes me think towards the future. In this moment, I am working on perfecting the balancing act that is me running towards my future and staying very still as I am right here, right now. The rest is yet to be determined, but what I know for certain is this: I am thoroughly enjoying the ride.

More late night ramblings and tales to come.

Easy + Breezy

There are a lot of reasons to love summertime: shorter hemlines, fruity drinks with straws, a few more hours of sunlight everyday, and open ended weekend adventures. In years past, there was only one thing holding me back from completely falling for this season like so many of my friends: my makeup routine.

As a girl with combination, sensitive, acne-prone skin, I have struggled for years to find the perfect summer products that would give me lasting coverage without making my face look cakey, dried out or a nice Snooki shade of orange (think Cheeto). During the summer, I longed for that easy, no-fuss routine; instead, what I usually got was a mess of heavy discoloration that left me looking like an oil slick by the end of the day.

With the help of some smart shopping using consumer review sites like MakeupAlley and Amazon I was determined to find a solution to my makeup frustrations. Here are my go-to products for an everyday look that will stay put even during the hottest months of the year:

Summer Beauty Essentials

1. Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Pressed Powder SPF 30, Physicians Formula

2. Laguna Bronzing Powder, NARS

3. Orgasm Blush, NARS

4. Healthy Skin Enhancer SPF 20, Neutrogena

5. High Definition Volume Mascara Extreme Black, NYC

6. Quince Lip Butter, Korres

My morning makeup routine is basic. After washing and moisturizing my face, I apply and blend the Healthy Skin Enhancer all over with my hands. I then use a fluffy, densely packed powder brush to apply the Mineral Wear Pressed Powder in circular motions. Using a bronzing brush, I follow up with a light dusting of my Laguna Bronzer on the “outside” edges of my face (forehead, jaw line, chin and neck) and then I use a blush brush to apply my Orgasm Blush to my cheekbones and the outside apples of my cheeks. Add a couple swipes of mascara and a little application of lip butter and voilà! I am set and ready to go for the day.


Of course, nothing goes better with a fresh faced look than a smile and a song to match your mood. Jason Mraz’s “Living In The Moment” has been playing through my headphones on repeat for a solid week now:

What are your beauty solutions for beating the summer heat? Tweet me or write in the comments section below!

More adventures to come.


Last night, I went out to a venue that is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in New York City so far. I live about a 10 minute walk from Bowery Ballroom which happens to be one of the places to see some pretty incredible live shows.

I was invited out by Kat, one of my close friends from American who graduated when I was a freshman. When she asked me to join her yesterday afternoon, I was hesitant at first — maybe I’ll be too tired from work, I still have that massive pile of laundry to take to the laundromat (an adventure in itself) and all of those errands I have to run…

Then, I gave myself a swift kick in the pants (figuratively, I was wearing a dress yesterday); I have limited time here in the city, and I have no way of knowing if I will ever get the opportunity to live here again. So, if there is something happening, whether it be a concert or a festival or a play or a drum circle (hey, you never know), I better have a damn good excuse for not going. Laundry doesn’t cut it. Errands? Not even close.

Realizing all of this, I went to the show. And I am so glad that I did. I thought that I could only have a real connection with music that I was already familiar with. This was not the case with Villagers. The lyrics were so heartfelt and honest, and the show was a welcome break from all of the running around I have been doing the past couple of week. It was a time to reflect, to stop and think and just be in the moment, soaking it all in.

Now everyone listen to Villagers NPR Tiny Desk Concert:

One of my favorite songs, Becoming A Jackal, is the second one sung in the video (04:10). I recommend YouTubing them and listening to all of their music; so much talent, I can’t wait to see where they go.

Speaking of talent and new music, Kristin, a new friend I have made working at Daryl Roth, turned me onto a couple of friends of hers from school that started a band, Blue Lenex, a few years back. They are phenomenal and about to come out with a new album, too! After spending some time listening to them on YouTube, I decided that I am obsessed with an original song they wrote entitled “Bluebird”:

Enjoy the music, more sweet jams and adventures to come.