Cat Lady Chic

Last week in New York, (after some serious begging ensued) I had the great fortune of being gifted this shirt:

I really can’t explain my fascination with bizarre, quirky pieces, but I have quite the collection of clothes that most people would look at and think Who in their right mind would wear that??. When I saw this cat shirt it was love at first sight. I immediately started thinking of all of the outfits I could pair it with — the shirt is a great way to offset a look that is too buttoned up. Yesterday was the first time I wore it out in public, and of course I got a few stares, but that’s half of the fun of wearing something so obviously playful. A lot of times, I am best at pushing myself outside of my fashion comfort zone — it feels the most natural to me and it is one of my favorite forms of self-expression.

Business on the bottom…

… party on the top.

Is my t-shirt the biggest fashion faux pas (or should I say, faux paw) you’ve ever seen, or do you get the humor of it? I like wearing things that can generate this sort of debate. Also, a big thank you to Tania Matsuoka who took these great photos!

Weekend Recap : Lazy Days

Yesterday I let myself do close to nothing. I made pancakes, lounged in my PJs, went grocery shopping and then came back and camped out in my living room during the crazy afternoon storm. I rarely let myself take a day to just relax, but yesterday it just felt right. Sometimes I find that pushing myself out of my comfort zone can simply happen by letting myself enjoy some peace and quiet, as silly as that sounds. It’s typical for me to constantly have something to do, a deadline to meet or a project to finish — giving myself the chance to just sit and do nothing is a gift that I surely don’t take for granted.

Last night, I went to a B themed birthday party dressed as Bo Peep. I wish I had gotten a photo of the costume, I’ll just paint a mental picture for you guys: pink + white polka dotted dress, pink hair bow, big curls, pink argyle calf socks and a pair of brown oxfords. Oh, and of course a pink striped umbrella that I turned into a shepherds crook, naturally. I would say themed parties are one of my all time favorite things. Call me crazy, but even at regular parties I try to dress to some sort of theme.

Today is the first glorious fall day in DC. I will spend it sitting out on my balcony, listening to this:

and this

Fashion Friday: New York Adventure (Part I)

So before I delve into the details of my New York trip from this past week, I wanted to share a crazy realization I had last night… In a few weeks time, it will no longer be completely appropriate to dress like a kid perpetually bound for one of the summer’s many music festivals. With this thought in mind, I decided today I needed to fully embrace the last of summertime dressing. If today’s outfit had a name, I’d probably call it “Coachella Child”.

A little out of focus, but you get the gist. The flower crown I’m wearing is from my trip to the Georgetown Flea Market a few weeks back… I may have to go back and buy about three more, but enough of this flower child chit chat, time for the important stuff: my trip to the Big Apple.

In a word it was amazing. I got to assist the designer David Peck in the preview of his spring/summer 2013 collection to dozens of fashion editors, bloggers and buyers. I got this opportunity through Celia, the founder of Autumn PR, a beauty and fashion PR firm based in New York City. I originally met Celia when she interviewed me for a summer internship last semester. While I was unable to accept the internship, I told her I would keep in touch, and contacted her a few weeks before fashion week to see if she would need any assistance. Lucky for me, she did, and next thing I knew I was on a bus headed to New York City. The collection preview happened inside a gorgeous suite at the Ace Hotel — hopefully I will have the chance to go back as a guest some day, the space was truly incredible. I am breaking up my New York trip into two parts on SLB because I can’t show any photos from David’s new collection until the Lookbook is released next week… so keep an eye out for next week’s Fashion Friday post for the second installment! Until then, here are photos from my other adventures in the city:

Wall quote inside the Ace Hotel

A red velvet macaroon and london fog from Stumptown Coffee inside the Ace, the perfect mid morning snack

Wall art inside our suite at the Ace

View outside our window

Setting up for our first appointments

Daniela of Autumn PR wearing one of the coolest outfits, I feel like I might need a pair of platform kicks

Putting together the CrOp by David Peck SS/13 Lookbook

The walk home on my first night in New York

A memorable Indian dinner with the best hosts, Madeleine and Tyler, two wonderful friends from high school

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday, I am off to snag a home cooked meal and plan out the rest of this weekend!