Last night, I went out to a venue that is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in New York City so far. I live about a 10 minute walk from Bowery Ballroom which happens to be one of the places to see some pretty incredible live shows.

I was invited out by Kat, one of my close friends from American who graduated when I was a freshman. When she asked me to join her yesterday afternoon, I was hesitant at first — maybe I’ll be too tired from work, I still have that massive pile of laundry to take to the laundromat (an adventure in itself) and all of those errands I have to run…

Then, I gave myself a swift kick in the pants (figuratively, I was wearing a dress yesterday); I have limited time here in the city, and I have no way of knowing if I will ever get the opportunity to live here again. So, if there is something happening, whether it be a concert or a festival or a play or a drum circle (hey, you never know), I better have a damn good excuse for not going. Laundry doesn’t cut it. Errands? Not even close.

Realizing all of this, I went to the show. And I am so glad that I did. I thought that I could only have a real connection with music that I was already familiar with. This was not the case with Villagers. The lyrics were so heartfelt and honest, and the show was a welcome break from all of the running around I have been doing the past couple of week. It was a time to reflect, to stop and think and just be in the moment, soaking it all in.

Now everyone listen to Villagers NPR Tiny Desk Concert:

One of my favorite songs, Becoming A Jackal, is the second one sung in the video (04:10). I recommend YouTubing them and listening to all of their music; so much talent, I can’t wait to see where they go.

Speaking of talent and new music, Kristin, a new friend I have made working at Daryl Roth, turned me onto a couple of friends of hers from school that started a band, Blue Lenex, a few years back. They are phenomenal and about to come out with a new album, too! After spending some time listening to them on YouTube, I decided that I am obsessed with an original song they wrote entitled “Bluebird”:

Enjoy the music, more sweet jams and adventures to come.

365 Days of Love

I spent yesterday compiling a playlist of my friends’ favorite unconventional love songs to share with you all. Valentine’s Day is now a full year away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate love all year round.

unconventional love songs by Madeline Beard on Grooveshark

Happy Friday readers! More adventures to come, for now I am off to enjoy the first night of spring.

Surf’s Up… on the Interwebz

Hello readers! Or should I say aloha? As the temperatures stay well below my comfort zone and my first instinct is to hibernate under my covers for days, I have been using an alternative method of escapism to bring blue skys and sunshine into my life. While living vicariously through the internet 100% of the time can make me feel like a bit of a twitchy-eyed goblin creature, in small doses the internet can be quite the mood booster. So, here are some of my happiest discoveries from these past few weeks:

1. An epic pep talk from an unexpected source

2. A beautiful song for a grey day

3. My new favorite website for design inspiration


4. A postcard that speaks volumes

Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

5. Planning meals for the newest addition to my kitchen

The best part about the start of a new month is the opportunity to hit life’s refresh button and get back on track — I have always preferred starting something at the beginning of a new week or month — February will be all about getting back to balance. I miss little habits that seem to have fallen through the cracks so far — carrying my camera around with me 24/7, baking for the hell of it, weekend render-vous in DC and seeing my family that lives here. So, with this post, I want to raise a virtual glass to the little steps. To the reminders and the efforts that come out of them that keep me moving forward. It’s hard to see the progress when life goes whizzing by you, sometimes you just have to stop, turn around and look at how far you’ve come. Then keep moving. That’s my plan at least.

A wish of sweet dreams to all of my night owl friends and a good morning to all of my early risers. More adventures to come.