Just because the ground is cold and the skies are grey and all signs are pointing you towards the 5-pound, hand-knit sweater coat hanging in your closet doesn’t mean you have to abandon all style for the sake of function. Let’s be honest, winter is a challenge for even the most seasoned style gurus — so many layers, so few colors and my legs haven’t seen the light of day since November.

Something about today — maybe the way I started it with Mushaboom by Feist — made me face these cold weather challenges with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

Photo Credit: Madeline Beard

Photo Credit: Madeline Beard

Photo Credit: Madeline Beard

Photo Credit: Madeline Beard

A big thank you to my roommate Mica, who gifted me with this nifty sweater yesterday…

Style Rule #382938: There’s nothing better than a striped sweater.

I find when my day starts with a solid outfit choice, it usually continues on positive trajectory. Today was no different… I found Cava and Cava found me. Enter excessively beautiful photo of my gyro…

Photo Credit: Madeline Beard

My taste buds are singing and my heart is dancing and even though it’s winter, life is wonderful.

More adventures to come.

Alive + Well

Greetings readers! Excuse me a second while I brush the dirt off my clothes and squint up into the daylight — I have just emerged from a cave hidden in the deep recesses of my apartment, but good news: I am alive and well! Still running that academic marathon, but luckily I have a little bit of time now to catch my breath before the final sprint.

It’s times like these when I find myself daydreaming of the comforts of home — over the weekend my mom announced that she and my dad had officially started decorating for the holidays. Going home to me means weeks of being well-fed, sleeping in, crocheting holiday scarves for my grand children friends and family (because if you didn’t already catch on, I have a 70 year old alter ego named Phyllis) and focusing on a few personal projects that I set aside when the semester got hectic.

Tonight I thought I would share with you guys a wish list for some of my favorite holiday pieces, because nothing says productive procrastination like internet shopping while donning a Christmas sweater.

Holiday Cheer

What festive items are you looking forward to wearing this holiday season? Tweet me or comment below!