Moving in Slow Motion

The last two days have made me feel like I was moving in slow motion in the best way. Classes were cancelled today and yesterday thanks to Hurricane Sandy, which meant 10+ hours of sleep per night, catching up on work and enjoying the Hurricane-induced confinement. It’s so rare for my roommates and I to all sit under the same roof together for extended periods of time, what with our various internships, organizations and commitments during the week. Yesterday we baked, indulged in bad TV, watched the crazy wind and rain whip around from our balcony and had some nice, slow moments of simply enjoying each other’s company. This morning post-Sandy was cold, grey and drizzly — perfect weather for a walk to a favorite local restaurant for burgers and hot cocoa from Starbucks. The unforeseen craziness of the past few days have thrown me off a bit — I am looking forward to sinking back into my routine with school and SLB, feeling much more well-rested and on top of my life than before. For those in the mood to make the most of this lazy day, here’s my advice: turn off your electronics for an hour, light a candle that smells like the holidays, put on a pair of warm wooly socks, and listen to this playlist. There’s nothing quite like a staycation to bring you back to balance.

To everyone who was in places hit much harder by the hurricane, my heart and thoughts go out to you. I feel lucky to have been somewhere that experienced minimal damage, but I know other areas weren’t as well off. Stay strong and stay warm.