The First Adventure


And when all else fails,

dance at the edge of balance.

When I first had the idea of starting a blog, it was last winter break. Between that time and now, a lot has happened, but my desire to share my thoughts and ideas with a greater community has remained. And finally, after months of brainstorming and weeks of coding, I have made it happen. I am ready to launch! Which is exciting… but also, terrifying.

Getting to this point– the point where I am ready to start letting all of those thoughts and ideas out into the blogosphere for others to see — is a scary thing. I haven’t even started writing real content yet, and I am already nervous about the potential outcomes– all of the stupid What ifs? inside my brain.

One of the biggest fears clouding my mind is that this could either be the best or the worst time for me to start a blog. Over the past week, a few big aspects of my life have taken a 180-degree turn and gone in an unexpected direction. On top of that, I am starting my junior year of college on Monday, a time when talks of the “real world” and finding your “career path” become all too familiar.

I created this space as a way to move outside my comfort zone and find adventure. So it seems, my very first adventure for the blog is actually taking the risk and starting it. Sometimes it is life’s 180-degree turns that really force you outside of what is comfortable — I would say this blog is a positive byproduct of these crazy changes and for this I am grateful.

I will begin posting tout de suite, but in the meantime, read my About page for more background story on See. Like. Blog.