À tout à l’heure

You know that feeling when you’re immersed in something entirely new and different and every experience starts to feel a bit like poetry for the senses? All of your excitement and fear runs together and makes you wish you could write songs or spit rhymes so that you could accurately convey all it is that you’re seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling.

I have been given the opportunity of a summer in Manhattan, brimming with the potential for adventure, exploration, self-discovery and development. I will be the advertising intern for Daryl Roth Theater; I start Monday and I’m teetering at the edge of a big, long diving board, just waiting to dive in. I’m a little nervous, very excited and, hopefully, I will make a splash.

Sure, I am living in a 100 square-foot apartment (get ready for a “room tour” — no really, it’s just one room so the tour will be short). Sure, I still question whether I am cut out for all of this. But I am starting to realize that all of these challenges and changes are just a part of a larger, more beautiful equation. And in this city, I feel electric.

A dear friend told me not too long ago that he thought my spark had dimmed and I acknowledged that there was definitely some truth to his words. This semester I chose to push to the back burner a lot of things that gave me joy, sacrificing them for the sake of school work and other responsibilities. While it’s hard to feel the every day impact of giving these things up, looking back on the last three months, I knew that I had become less happy with myself for not putting more into these outlets.

It has been a long time since my last post, and I am so thrilled to be throwing myself back in the saddle, especially when it feels like my life has gone from “pause” to “play”. And now, I will rewind to give you all a better glimpse at a couple landmark moments from the past few months worth sharing:


Many more big city adventures to come, and for this I couldn’t be happier.