edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes

Begin Again

I always have a way of forgetting about the intensity that comes with transitioning from school to break and break to school. In Vegas, I had settled into a lovely state of relaxation — my winter holiday had been spent reflecting, enjoying the time with my family and traveling to one of my favorite places.

As soon as my plane touched down in DC, I hit the ground running — there were old friends to see, back from faraway adventures, and new responsibilities to prepare for. The past two weeks, I have been attempting to fall back into some semblance of a routine, while still trying to hold onto the clear and calm mindset I gained while I was home.

When I envision this upcoming semester, I see a world of possibilities and dreams just waiting to be actualized. In keeping with a tradition I started when I was young, I made an epic list of resolutions for the new year. A few of them include:

  • secure a sweet internship for summer 2013
  • start planning my meals to avoid outside spending and develop healthier eating habits (I bought a crock pot last week, it has been such a good way to kick off this resolution)
  • get organized — last semester my method of organization fell by the wayside and I literally took notes on a legal pad for all my classes and internships — flipping through all of those pages was such a headache!
  • start investing my time in producing interesting and meaningful content for SLB — this blog has been a consistent evolution and learning process for me, and I look forward to all of the potential 2013 holds
  • Finally, I have been meaning to post this video on SLB for a few weeks now. The weather in DC has turned cold, wet and grey since I’ve been back, and this music video has picked me up and gotten me moving during my haziest winter days.

    The lyrics match perfectly with the friendships I have made over my past two and a half years living in DC — this song is a sweet reminder of how lucky I am to have people who will keep me looking towards the future.

    Many more adventures to come, looking forward to sharing with you all!

    Melodies to Make It Through

    I have a few special songs tucked away in the back of my brain, set aside for times like these, when life gets increasingly hectic and I am just far enough away from winter break to feel like I am running a marathon with a mad dash to the finish line. I want to share a few of these pick-me-ups to my readers as a virtual survival kit for anyone yearning for the holiday season (or better yet, simply a break from the busy).

    Thinking back on thanksgiving break makes me smile, and I love this photo I took of my mom and sweet cousin Ollie:

    Tonight’s life mantra: keep calm and listen to music. It’s good for the soul.