Fashion Friday : October Wish List

October Favorites

Here are a few things on my wish list for October!

I feel like the cat sweatshirt goes without saying — cool weather and an infatuation with everything feline makes this sweatshirt the coolest thing since sliced bread. Paired with a spiked headband inspired by a Fashion Week look from one of my very favorite bloggers, Peony Lim, I am determined to push the envelope between what’s crazy good and just plain crazy. Blurring that line is half the fun of putting an outfit together. If I’m feeling ambitious, I may attempt to DIY the headband with instructions I found here.

On the more conventional side of my sartorial desires of the month, I am definitely searching for a pair of black wax jeans — I feel like they offer the edge of leather pants while remaining a bit more practical for every day wear. I am also on the hunt for some floral booties and a bright orange satchel. Normally towards the middle of October my wardrobe starts to drift towards the monochrome color scheme in shades of white, grey, and of course, black. I want to keep color in my wardrobe through the fall and winter months, and what better way to do this than an orange satchel? Orange is a great color for summer to fall seasonal transitions because it is everywhere right now — the leaves on the trees, the pumpkin in my Pumpkin Spice Latte and the stripes in my candy corn. I love finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Tomorrow I am headed to my first ever CapFABB meet up and I couldn’t be more excited! I will have my camera on me for the whole day, cannot wait to share the event with you guys. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!