Friends + Music

Today I was lucky to hear from a few faraway friends that I have been missing pretty dearly. Coincidentally, with every new conversation followed a song recommendation. Even when I am separated from these people by miles of road and ocean, music is one of those common threads that can link us back together. I love getting new music recommendations because it encourages me to listen to artists outside my every day indie/alternative favorites. Even if I’m not partial to the particular genre, new music can always draw on old memories — my dear friend Bailey (pursuing a law degree in Las Vegas now) recommended the song “Angel Eyes” by Love and Theft:

It is a country song through and through, and although I don’t usually tune into country, listening to the genre always makes me nostalgic for my Texas roots.

The next recommendation came from the lovely Helen, who graduated last year and just got a marketing job in New York City (congrats Helen!). I had never heard of Morning Parade until she messaged me a link to their song “Headlights”, and now I am tempted to go through and sample all of their other tracks:

The last recommendation came from one of my oldest friends at school, Naomi. Although she is currently studying abroad in Amman, Jordan, Naomi remains a constant part of my life through our weekly conversations via Facebook/WhatsApp/Skype — ah, gotta love technology. Today she introduced me to this Macklemore song and I haven’t stopped listening to it since…

“Love is patient, love is kind.”

All of these songs are so different, but so good in their own ways — there’s something for everyone. To end this post, here’s a song that I have been listening to a lot lately:

Do you guys have any good music recommendations? I’m open to anything, comment or tweet at me!