The Head & the Heart

I woke up this morning feeling sentimental for a few good reasons. Friday night after work, I jumped on a bus and headed back to DC to pay homage to one of my most wonderful friends, Katie Harkins. After getting an invite to her going away party a couple weekends ago, I chose to play the stealth card and surprise her at the party. Katie is moving to California for the summer, and it is undetermined when or where I will get a chance to see her again in the coming months; she has played a big role in shaping who I have become these last three years at school, and in my mind, there was really no other option but to come down to see her.


I will try to resist the urge of continuing to write up a big heartfelt note about Katie on SLB; she knows that she means the world to me and that is what’s most important. I will give her credit, however, for making this weekend a transformative one for me. After spending time talking with her, our good friend Naomi and a few other of my closest friends, I figured out what I want the rest of my time in New York City to look like.

I have the opportunity to approach this summer as one might approach a semester studying abroad in a foreign country; if I release my inhibitions and completely immerse myself in the city, I know I have the chance to grow so much from this adventure. I think that this is something I always knew going into the summer, but didn’t fully understand until coming back to a place that has become so familiar and comfortable for me.

So, with this in mind, I have decided not to take anymore trips back to the district until school starts again in August for the sake of giving myself up entirely to New York. As challenging as this might be, this weekend also showed me that the close friendships I have made in DC don’t just disappear the minute I venture beyond the beltway. I couldn’t be luckier to know that after the adventure is done, I have a family of friends to come back to, a place to call “home”, and always someone to share a cool margarita with.

Photo Credit: Naomi Hanfling

Photo Credit: Madeline Beard

Speaking of family, today’s sentimental mindset has been amplified further in light of the fact that it’s Father’s Day. Everything I am writing about here, from my time at school in DC, to the friends I have made, to my summer in New York, and even the photos I capture on a daily basis, would not have been possible had it not been for my amazing dad. Next to my mom and big brother, he is the most supportive figure in my life. We are alike in so many ways, from our stubborn perseverance and work ethic to our love of Bob Dylan and a good cup of tea, and I am thankful every day for growing up with his support to guide me. It has and will continue to influence my decisions, move me forward and shape my life. On this day, I also want to honor Len Beard and Marvin Davis, my grandfathers who both passed away this year. They each possessed their own sort of wonderful magic, and that isn’t something that goes away with the passing of mortal life. It lives on through the generations, in the form of a phrase, a habit, a song, a story. They will live on in my heart forever.





While this post didn’t make for my typical fashion and fun-filled banter, I felt I needed to document where I am in my life currently. I have felt a shift, hit a bit of a turning point, but in the most positive way. I am en route to NYC bringing back with me a clearer head and heart, and wings to help me fly.

More adventures to come.