Head to Toe: Daisy Crazy

What to Wear: Daisy Crazy

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my favorite of-the-moment pattern for that seamless transition into the autumnal season; I have reverted back to my 7 year old self, cannon balling off the deep end of the sartorial pool. I am officially crazy for daisies.

Why, you might ask, am I so infatuated with a simple, graphic floral usually reserved for OshKosh catalogues and playgrounds?

First off, we have punk making a major comeback thanks to the influential Met Gala this past spring, showcasing the exhibition that honored the movement. While daisies don’t exactly scream “REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE” spray painted across a wall, try this: picture pairing a daisy patterned dress with a pair of beat up black Doc Martens, a plaid bomber jacket and an assortment of scattered safety pins. The pattern is versatile enough to go from girly to edgy depending on your mood of the day. One minute you could be Mandy Moore, the next Avril Lavigne, both circa early 2000s.

Second, it’s just damn fun! As most of you already know, I am never one to shy away from the playful, quirky and just plain odd pieces that make up a large part of my wardrobe. The worst fashion crime a person can commit is taking themselves (and their outfits) too seriously. Live a little! The occasional daisy print will not kill you; in fact, I’d be willing to bet it might just put a smile on your face. And this season, I can’t imagine anything better than smiling in a daisy print.

More fall fashion, fresh florals and adventures to come.