Weekend Recap : Lazy Days

Yesterday I let myself do close to nothing. I made pancakes, lounged in my PJs, went grocery shopping and then came back and camped out in my living room during the crazy afternoon storm. I rarely let myself take a day to just relax, but yesterday it just felt right. Sometimes I find that pushing myself out of my comfort zone can simply happen by letting myself enjoy some peace and quiet, as silly as that sounds. It’s typical for me to constantly have something to do, a deadline to meet or a project to finish — giving myself the chance to just sit and do nothing is a gift that I surely don’t take for granted.

Last night, I went to a B themed birthday party dressed as Bo Peep. I wish I had gotten a photo of the costume, I’ll just paint a mental picture for you guys: pink + white polka dotted dress, pink hair bow, big curls, pink argyle calf socks and a pair of brown oxfords. Oh, and of course a pink striped umbrella that I turned into a shepherds crook, naturally. I would say themed parties are one of my all time favorite things. Call me crazy, but even at regular parties I try to dress to some sort of theme.

Today is the first glorious fall day in DC. I will spend it sitting out on my balcony, listening to this:

and this