Wide Awake

It’s 2 AM and I have spent most of the day coding my first site for my second level computer design class. While it’s not the best design work I have ever done, I really like that I’ve stuck with this “DIY” aesthetic that seems to be a consistent style throughout my projects — It’s a little whimsical and doesn’t take itself too seriously, both ideas I really like to infuse into anything I create:

Project 0.0

This project was especially challenging because we had a week turn around time for both design & coding. I tried to take as much pressure off myself as possible and it made for a much more pleasant process — as challenging as it is to just let things go sometimes, it really does help minimize stress and free your mind (and imagination) to all sorts of possibilities.

I should probably get ready for bed, tomorrow (or should I say later today?) is a big day with a big Fashion Friday post to write about! This is the song that will sing me to sleep:

The title of this Tallest Man on Earth EP really resonated with me — Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird. Goodnight, more adventures to come.