And So It Goes

Hey everybody! Remember that time I said I was getting back into my blogging routine? Well this is me officially eating my words. I forget that when November hits, all of a sudden life seems to become a marathon sprint to the finish line that is Winter Break. Not as if that’s any excuse for leaving SLB out in the cold, but as I sit here drinking a big mug of tea in my pink fleece onesie (with dogs on the feet no less), writing feels like catching up with an old friend. I have so many things I have been saving up to post, including a belated outfit from last week and the rediscovery of a band that I am falling in love with all over again…

It is finally cold in DC. I am talking red nose, seeing your breath in front of you, bundled up kind of cold. Coming from hot climates (Texas and then Vegas, you really can’t get much warmer in the States) I think I get crazy excited for the real cold to kick in. Of course, I needed to outwardly reflect my excitement with an outfit that made me want to go sit in a ski lodge, sip hot cocoa and roast marshmallows by a blazing fire.

You might be thinking to yourself “Well, that shirt looks familiar…” (see my post from a few weeks ago). I hate to choose favorites, but my black and red checked shirt probably ranks in the top 5 of pieces I reach for most often. Backstory: I “borrowed” this shirt from my mom when I was maybe a sophomore in high school. Before I acquired it, she had owned the button up for years and years and years. It feels worn in and perfect and seems to transition through trends and seasons pretty seamlessly. Never getting rid of this shirt (unless one day my future daughter steals it from my closet).

To finish off this post, I want to include a video from the band Foster the People. Now I completely understand that they are not the hot “new” thing anymore (I mean, “Pumped Up Kicks” was everyone’s anthem for months last year). However, today I was listening to a playlist on 8tracks that had an acoustic version of one of their songs and I was blown away. I immediately looked up all of their acoustic stuff on YouTube and spent the rest of the afternoon jamming out to old favorites with a new twist:

Stay warm, stay happy, and more adventures to come… pinky promise this time.