Wide Awake

It’s 2 AM and I have spent most of the day coding my first site for my second level computer design class. While it’s not the best design work I have ever done, I really like that I’ve stuck with this “DIY” aesthetic that seems to be a consistent style throughout my projects — It’s a little whimsical and doesn’t take itself too seriously, both ideas I really like to infuse into anything I create:

Project 0.0

This project was especially challenging because we had a week turn around time for both design & coding. I tried to take as much pressure off myself as possible and it made for a much more pleasant process — as challenging as it is to just let things go sometimes, it really does help minimize stress and free your mind (and imagination) to all sorts of possibilities.

I should probably get ready for bed, tomorrow (or should I say later today?) is a big day with a big Fashion Friday post to write about! This is the song that will sing me to sleep:

The title of this Tallest Man on Earth EP really resonated with me — Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird. Goodnight, more adventures to come.

The Perfect Camera Strap

Today I am simply posting about something that I saw in NYC and liked loved.

Yesterday, Greta from Fashion Me Green came in to preview the David Peck Spring/Summer 2013 collection which I have been helping to facilitate here in the city (more photos and details to come!).

Greta had on the most fabulous camera strap I had ever seen and after some serious googling, I found it online and am itching to order one of my own:

Camera Strap

With my personal commitment to have my camera on me 24/7, I can’t think of a better new accessory for fall.

Summertime in NYC

I did it! After climbing onto a bus in the wee hours of the morning yesterday and sleeping through the entire 4 1/2 hour trip, I finally arrived in New York City! The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of running around the city, working with a fabulous designer and spending time with two great friends. While this trip is primarily for business (more on that later), just being in the city again has made me reminisce about the last time I visited New York.

As a mini vacation to myself, I came up earlier in the summer to spend a long weekend with a dear old friend, Gracie. I have been meaning to post highlights from the trip since starting SLB and now seems like the perfect opportunity — as shown in the photos below, my NYC vacation ended up turning into a “Tour de Food” around the city. In my opinion, the best vacations are the ones where you get to snack your way through neighborhoods. Luckily, I got to discover some pretty fabulous restaurants and bakeries during my summertime trip and hopefully I will have the chance to revisit a few favorites while I am back.

Gorgeous day in Central Park

The best place to get my Lox + Bagels fix in the city

Bolts of fabric at Mood

I’m pretty sure this place was called “Spandex World” — amazing

A fabulous trip to the Stardust diner for dinner & a show

Gracie at Stardust

Times Square Photo Op

My sweet hostesses

Cereal Milk Soft Serve at Momofuku Milk Bar.

Large scale typography in Brooklyn

Amazing vintage dresses at a flea market in Brooklyn

Brunch at Juliette in Brooklyn

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for a walk back across the bridge

Walking back on the Brooklyn Bridge

Found this quote as I walked along the bridge — I love finding inspiration in unexpected places

More on my NYC adventures tomorrow — any other places I need to visit while I’m here?